British Film Week

When I first heard of british film week, i was thrilled! I thought yaay i can finally watch a non translated movie at the cinemas without having to go to another city for it! the program was quite interesting and it was for free! so i called my favorite people in the world and made all sort of plans... except my plans didn't exactly go as epected!! (do they ever?)

So we planned to see two movies (kind of). Sadly not everybody made it in time! the cinemas' doors closed and  three of us were inside while the others were trapped outside. So like any good friends would do, we shamlessly abandoned them and watched the movie anyways! 

So we watched the Quartet! The film was ok, not great, not bad, just ok! (ohh karma!) I wouldn't really recommand it but I didnt wanna kill myself at the middle of it neither (but I kow that A did!)

the Second time, by the time we got there, it was too late, the movie had already started and the cinema was full! (ok karma we got it!) so we took some souvenir photos then headed out to get some food (what else!)

Coat: ZARA  - Leg warmers: H&M - Boots: Medina (similar) - Bag: River Island

What can I say, at least we tried! maybe next year!
and you, did you guys see any interesting movies lately ? wanna share with me?

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