Your girl is lovely hubbell

Remember that time when you were browsing your facebook feed, dipping Doritos in that filthy but oh so tasty sauce feeling good about yourself and where your life is heading (kind of). When suddenly bam what do you see, a picture of your ex getting engaged! So you dip your Doritos in the sauce aggressively and wonder how in the world anyone ever wanted to marry that douchebag and how in the world did he ever find someone before you did. And suddenly, there goes your hopes and dreams that he'd be miserable forever out the window! I mean let's face it, you're fabulous and he's just well he's just really not! Plus you deserve to be happy first and he can't get married while you're sad and lonely and Doritos are your only friends. 

so now unless you invite yourself to his wedding, wait for the right moment and shout i object, knock him down l3mariya screaming you said you'll love me forever or try to win him back by seducing him with your bitterness we're gonna have to deal with this situation.

and what I mean by dealing with this situation is not eating as much sweets as possible, listening to adele all day long then killing yourself. You have to remember, you're fabulous and the world is a much sadder place without you!

Truth is, being in your twenties, it's just a matter of time before your exes start settling down and sometimes it makes you feel bad, especially if you're still single or in an unhappy relationship, that you're still, you know, just trying to figure out what to do with your life while everybody else has it all together! 

Well i don't think that there is a right or wrong time, things come your way when you're ready for them and everybody's timing is different. Therefore, let's try our best here to be happy for mister douchebag, there is a reason why he is in your past... and just because he's mister right for that well "other woman" (who doesn’t even compare to your beauty nor brains) doesn’t make him any less of a bad match for you.

Being single doesn’t make you any less sexy or charming, it just means that you're taking your time to figure out what you want in life and who you want to build it with!

I mean look at adele, she did find prince charming after all , she didn't find someone like him, she found way better, so why won't you?, after all, you're kind of a big deal  ;)

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New year's eve outfits

Hello good looking! are you wondering what in the world are you going to wear to new year's party? well wonder no more!
While doing some serious shopping I tought that it would be nice to share with you ladies (sorry guys maybe next time) some of my favorite findings!

My first choice is what I like to call "the classy and fabulous", I just love the black and red combination, in my point of view it is the sexiest ever and I'll use and abuse it whenever I get a chance!

Classy and fabulous

Dress: ASOS - Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Clutch: Karn Millen - Earrings: JCPenney - Lipstick: Sephora

If you're attending an office party or you're feeling a little fancy you can go for a rather formal but still equally fabulous look. And of course, you cannot skip the perfume! I have a new found love for Thierry Mugler's Alien I can't get enough of it lately!

classy new year's eve

Dress 1: Modcloth - Dress 2: Dorothy Perkins - Shoes 1: BCBGMAXAZRIA - Shoes 2: River Island - Bag: Macy's - Earrings: Monsoon - Necklace: White House Black Market - Perfume - Thierry Mugler Alien

For a more casual look (also there is no party without glitters) I fell in love with this little goldish dress:

Party Girl
Dress: Asos - High heels: Pret a beaute - Flats: French Sole - Bag: Monsoon - Earrings : Jhon Lewis - Eye Shadows: Naked 2

And last but not least, a sexy yet very affordable look to dance the night away (aren't Shourouk's earrings to die for!):

sexy party outfit

Dress: Asos - Shoes: Nelly - Earrings: Shourouk - Ring: HM - Red lipstick: MAC - Orange lipstick: Topshop - Perfume: Coco Mademoiselle

So have you made up your mind on your new year's outfit? which look would you rather go for?

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Tiny humans

My 5 years old niece taught me that it's ok to jump a little higher and dream a little bigger. that it's ok  to think that you're the most beautiful woman on earth with your hair going crazy and strawberry jam on your shirt, that you were born a princess and always will be, that it's ok to watch TV all day and eat nothing but candy. She's so pretty and so alive and I love her much much more than my heart can hold.

I love kids! I mean that's no surprise everybody knows that. I love their tiny hands and tiny feet and tiny eyes! but mostly I love how they're always amazed by everything, how they think that the world is the most amazing place ever, how they believe that anything is possible. Their eyes light up in the most beautiful way whenever they see a butterfly, a dog or even a chocolate bar and I like to think that I have kept some of that... that even if i'm getting a little older every day, the child in me is always there wanting to play, discover, wanting to be amazed!

I took  the picture above at my niece's birthday. she is the most beautiful little girl ever (what do you mean i'm biased!) and even though she really didn't have the time to pose for me I managed to get some pretty great shots (I know, i'm amazing!) but this one is definitely my favorite...

anyhow it was a really fun day, the kids had a great time playing

And I had a great time, you know, eating stuff! (don't judge me! the food was irresistible! also, there was cake!)

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British Film Week

When I first heard of british film week, i was thrilled! I thought yaay i can finally watch a non translated movie at the cinemas without having to go to another city for it! the program was quite interesting and it was for free! so i called my favorite people in the world and made all sort of plans... except my plans didn't exactly go as epected!! (do they ever?)

So we planned to see two movies (kind of). Sadly not everybody made it in time! the cinemas' doors closed and  three of us were inside while the others were trapped outside. So like any good friends would do, we shamlessly abandoned them and watched the movie anyways! 

So we watched the Quartet! The film was ok, not great, not bad, just ok! (ohh karma!) I wouldn't really recommand it but I didnt wanna kill myself at the middle of it neither (but I kow that A did!)

the Second time, by the time we got there, it was too late, the movie had already started and the cinema was full! (ok karma we got it!) so we took some souvenir photos then headed out to get some food (what else!)

Coat: ZARA  - Leg warmers: H&M - Boots: Medina (similar) - Bag: River Island

What can I say, at least we tried! maybe next year!
and you, did you guys see any interesting movies lately ? wanna share with me?

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And so with the sunshine...

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Good Enough.

Today I am going to write about something I wanted to write about for a long time but never seemed to get to it. However lately I felt like it was time so here it is. Dedicated to I. 

I think that we all in life at some point experience rejection, failure, disappointment... and those experiences repetitively leave a mark on us until we start asking ourselves; are we enough? Are we good enough for love? For that prestigious firm? Are we pretty enough? Tall enough? Skinny enough? Smart enough? And the list is very long.

If I get a little prettier can I be your baby? ― Lana Del Rey.

It might be because of this gorgeous guy (girl) you've been crazy about and who seems to think you’re not worthy of his love or this client that thinks that what you had to offer was mediocre while you felt like you did the best you could... and the reasons could be countless.

And that's when self doubt hits you and you start comparing yourself to others and wondering why you aren't pretty enough and smart enough and why you're not worthy of it all. 

Im constantly comparing myself to others, down to every little detail. Their hair is better, they have a nicer smile, their laugh isn’t stupid, they’re smarter, their legs are skinnier, they can talk to people easier, they have more friends, they’re funnier, they’re just always better than me. they’re just always better than me.
What you need to understand and what took me a hell of a lot of time to get is that what people thought of me didn't define in any way who I was. people will be people and let's face it you won't be everybody's cup of tea. Some people and even if they mean the sun and moon to you will think that you are less than ordinary and that's ok. Because them thinking that you're not worth it doesn't mean you aren't. It just means they fail to see your light and that's their loss, really.

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.― Dita Von Teese  

Don't beat yourself up for something that's out of your control because you are good enough and you are worth it. When you need to prove your worth to someone it is then the moment to walk away.

I think what's most important is to focus on yourself and do whatever you like to do, do what makes click and if you don't know what it is just yet keep looking. Focus on making yourself a better person enjoy every second of your life and the right people will come to you.

Do not compare yourself with anybody else because you're unique, you're different you're not even comparable and that's more than enough. Learn to love yourself just the way you are and your life will be much much fuller of love.

Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger. But they will never be you. - Unknown

Life is an adventure and time goes by very fast, too fast to waste it on people who bring you nothing but heartache, too fast to focus on failure. Love yourself and what you stand for, do you best and I promise it’ll be more than enough.

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First listen to luke bryan because trust me you need that song in your life. all set? now we can talk.
Did you guys miss me? because I sure did miss you, it's been a while. I know I've been a very bad blogger lately but I'll make it up to you, seriously, I mean it.

So today i'm here to talk to you about this really great place hoping I can bribe you to forget about all this no blog posts thing.

Yesterday I went with a group of friends to this lovely café called Fadeza. The thing about it is that it's high, like literally, It's at the edge of a tiny hill (I like to live dangerously ) and from there you can see the city, the highway and Bouregreg.

The view is absolutely stunning. If you don't blieve me, take a look at it yourself.

 The inside is lovely as well, I didn't take pictures though I was too distracted by this little beauty. If you want to see what it looks like you'll have to get there and see it for yourself! ;)

 you can find Fadeza at Hay Nahda, near Al Fadeza's appartments Jnan Nahda.

Next week i'll be coming back with an article that I intended to write for a while. It'll be about something that's quite important to me so make sure to check it out and tell me what you think about it. In the meanwhile I hope you all a very lovely week.
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Hello lovely people. I'm sorry i've been a very bad blogger lately. I have no excuse really except that sometimes I get caught up in everyday life and I needed some time to breath. I'll be coming back soon with loads of different posts, in the meantime I got an instagram account where I post very frequently, you can follow me at Ichraqbs and pop me your instagram usernames in the coments below so I can follow you too!

And if don't already, you can also follow me in Facebook & Twitter.
I'll see you all very soon!

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4 things I learned since I started photography

1- Beauty is everywhere: Since I started taking pictures I see things differently. Something as unnoticeable as an autumn leaf, a spread of light, an old couch can look magnificent to me. I truly believe that it has helped me appreciate the little things in life more and acknowledge the true beauty of the world we live in.

// 1- Le monde est beau: Depuis que j'ai commencé à prendre des photos, je vois le monde différemment. Un petit détail aussi insignifiant qu'une feuille d'automne, un peu de lumière au bout d'une fenêtre, un vieux canapé déchiré me semble éclatant de beauté. La photographie m'a permis d'apprécier toutes ces petites choses qu'on ignore d'habitude et d'admirer la beauté de la planète sur laquelle nous vivons un peu plus amplement. 

2- Memories never fade: I love documentation, anything that can remind me of a summer day, a fortunate encounter or walk in the park is more than welcome in my world and taking loads of pictures enables me to do just that, look back and remember all the lovely times whenever I feel like walking down memory lane.

// 2- Les souvenirs sont éternels: j'aime documenter mes journées, je suis une grande fan de tout ce qui peut me rappeler d'une journée d'été ensoleillée, une surprenante rencontre ou une promenade dans le parc. Et les photos c'est un peu mon journal illustré, c'est un outil pour me rappeler de tous ces moments agréables quand l'envie me prend.

3- Less is more: You don't need much to make a good picture sometimes a simple composition is way more prettier than a complicated one. All you need is a little inspiration and a lot of imagination.

// 3- Les is more: en fin de compte, on a pas besoin de grand chose pour faire une belle photo, parfois une composition très simple est beaucoup plus belle qu'une scène sophistiquée et tout ce dont nous avons besoin pour réussir une photo est un peu d'inspiration et beaucoup d'imagination.

4- Perception is everything: In photography or else, I think one of the most important things is how you visualize your final picture/goal because your perception shapes your actions and therefore your results. I'm not sure If I make any sense but for me visualization is key so before taking any shot i compose the picture in my head first then do my best to get an exact duplicate of that.

4- La perception est tout aussi importante que le matériel: En photographie ou autre, je pense que l'une des choses les plus importantes est de visualiser d'abord la photo souhaitée / l'objectif final. Votre perception définie vos action et donc par la suite vos résultats. Je ne suis pas sûre que mon message est clair mais pour moi, la visualisation est essentielle. Avant de prendre une photo je compose l'image dans ma tête d'abord, ensuite je fais de mon mieux pour la dupliquer en réalité.

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On the Road

I've always had the fear of not living my life to the fullest, of being too busy making a living that I actually forgot to live. And I've been trying really hard to keep some time aside for me, to do whatever I like to do, to meet up with people I like, travel a little, get to know other cultures and document everything so I never ever forget which is also one of the reasons I started this blog, documenting stuff.

And that's one of the reasons I loved this book as well. I've been hearing about it for a long time and I finally got down to it last month and let me tell you something that book is a classic for a reason, it's absolutely mind blowing. I admire and hate the way they follow their guts with no worry in the word but to get their "kicks". I fell in love and despised Dean. he's absolutely out of his mind and I'm not sure how I would react to someone like that in real life. Fact is, I love crazy people, I think they're completely magnificent because they do and say all the things that we all want to say and do but just can't because of social norms or whatever but I wouldn't stick around one for a very long time, because they're also disturbing, have no sense of responsibility and at some point I like to get back to order.
I've read a lot about how this book shaped a generation of youth in America as well but since I'm not American and I haven't really lived in that era I won't get into that topic.
For me that book is mostly about the excitement and endless possibilities of the open road alongside with the greatness of music, friendship and passion. A book that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to escape for a little.

Have you read that book and if yes what did you think of it?

Now that I've finished on the road, I'm a little hangover and I'm not sure what to read next! could you please help? I'm open for all suggestions! Thank you guys, you're awesome!

// J'ai toujours eu peur de ne pas vivre ma vie pleinement, d'être trop occupée à gagner ma vie que j'en oublie de vivre. Et j'essaye toujours, durement, de garder un peu de temps à  côté pour faire ce que j'aime, de rencontrer les gens que j'aime, voyager un peu, apprendre à connaître d'autres cultures et puis tout documenter pour ne jamais oublier,  qui est aussi l'une des raisons pour lesquelles j'ai commencé ce blog, documenter...
Et c'est aussi l'une des raisons pour lesquelles j'ai aimé ce livre. J'en avais entendu parler il y'a longtemps et le mois dernier, je me suis finalement procurée une copie et je peux vous dire que ce livre est un grand classique pour une raison, il est complètement surprenant! J'admire et je déteste à la fois la manière avec laquelle ils mènent leur vie. ils font ce qu'ils veulent et rien ne leur importe tant qu'ils s'éclatent! J'admire et je méprise Dean. c'est un personnage qui déborde de tous les cotés, il est complètement fou et je ne sais pas comment je réagirais à ce genre de personnage dans la vie réelle. En réalité j'aime bien les gens un peu dérangés, vous savez pourquoi? parce qu'ils disent et fassent ce que nous voulons tous dire et faire en secret... mais le hic c'est que les gens comme ca j'aime bien oui mais pour une période de temps limitée, parce qu’a force c'est perturbant et moi au bout d'un moment j'aime bien revenir à l'ordre.
J'ai lu beaucoup d'articles qui parlaient de la façon avec laquelle ce livre avait façonnait toute une génération aux états unis mais puisque je ne suis pas américaine et que je n'ai pas vécu durant cette époque je ne vais pas aborder le sujet.
Pour moi, ce livre parle surtout de l'excitation et les possibilités infinies qu'offre les voyages mais aussi de la grandeur de la musique, de l'amitié et de la passion. Un livre que je recommande vivement à tous ceux qui cherchent un petit échappatoire.

Avez-vous lu ce livre et si oui, qu'en avez-vous pensé?

Maintenant que j'ai fini sur la route, je suis un peu perturbée et je ne sais pas trop quoi lire par la suite ! pourriez-vous m'aider? Je suis ouverte à toutes les suggestions! Merci les gars!

Get the book HERE / Photo Credits: National Geographic

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Ice peanut sandwich

It started getting hot in Morocco so it was obviously time for me to make my super fast super tasty ice peanut sandwich! or at least that's how I call it!

but Attention! this is a very naughty really really bad, addictive recipe. There, don't say I didn't warn you!!

Still reading? you little rebel ;)

so I'm a huge believer in peanut butter, I love to eat it with a spoon, with some bread, cookies...  you got it, with anything basically! so when I found this recipe last year on the internet machine (because all good idea come from the internet machine obviously) I had to try it! and I've been hooked ever since! It's so delicious and I love to sit down, catch up on a couple (more like a dozen) of series and enjoy my sandwiches with no regrets!

// Il a commencé à faire chaud au Maroc, donc c'était évidemment le temps pour moi de faire mon super sandwich : le fameux, le savoureux sandwich d'arachide glacé! Ou au moins c'est comme ça que je l'appelle! un petit délice exquis plein de kawkaw power!

Mais attention, c'est une très très méchante recette qui devient extrêmement addictive en très eu de temps! Ne dites pas que je ne vous ai pas prévenu!

Toujours là? Quelle rebelle! ;)

Je suis accro au beurre d'arachide! J’adore ca! J’en mange avec du pain, des biscuits, en petites cuillères... vous l'avez compris avec tout et n'importe quoi! Alors quand j'avais trouvé cette recette l'an dernier sur internet (toutes les bonnes idées viennent d'internet bien évidemment!) je ne pouvais pas ne pas l'essayer! Et depuis c'est le grand amour entre nous! C’est tellement tendre et délicieux... j'aime m'assoier et les déguster tout en regardant ma séries favorite (ou devrait-je dire 10 épisodes en marathon de mes séries favorites)

So to make these bad boys you won't be needing much, for each sandwich you'll need two cookies, vanilla ice cream and of course peanut butter.
Take one cookie, put a layer of ice cream in top of it, then a layer of peanut butter, add another layer of ice cream and finally, attention, very critical step, the second cookie! Tadah, you did it!
Put them in the fridge for like 5 min then take them out and enjoy! (or just eat them right away if you're as impatient as me!) see it'll take you like two seconds, you'll thank me for your new addiction later!

// Alors pour faire un sandwich vous n'aurez pas besoin de grand chose: deux biscuits, de la glace (vanille de préférence) et bien sûr du beurre d'arachide.

Attention processus compliqué: prenez un biscuit, mettez une couche de crème glacée  puis une couche de beurre d'arachide, une autre couche de crème glacée et, enfin, attention, étape très critique, le second biscuit! Tadah, le tour est joué!
Mettez les dans le réfrigérateur pendant 5 min puis mangez les tous! (ou mangez les tous tout de suite si vous êtes aussi impatient que moi!). 
Fastoche, ca nous a pris quoi? 2 secondes?! Allez, vous me remercierez pour votre nouvelle dépendance plus tard!

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Shoes and accessories selection from Jumia

Today I'm showing you a selection of shoes and accessories I absolutely adore on the online shopping website Jumia (ahh the joys of online shopping!).

// Aujourd'hui j'aimerais vous présenter une sélection de chaussures et accessoires que j'adore sur le site de Jumia (ahh les joies du shopping en ligne!)

1Zeket High Heel Sandales : I've been having a huge obsession about high heel sandals lately and these would look absolutely gorgeous with some jeans! I love the orange of the side, it just looks so fun and sophisticated at the same time! I've gotta get me a pair of these!

// Zeket Sandales à talons: J'ai une énorme obsession pour les sandales à talons hauts dernièrement! je les adore! et cette pair 
sophistiqué et fun à la fois irait à merveille avec un Jean! je dois absolument m'en acheter une pair!

2CANZONE high heel sandale: I love the combination of red and black, it'll instantly add a classy touch to any everyday outfit.

//CANZONE Sandale à talon: J'adore le mélange du rouge et du noir, ça rajoutera instantanément une touche chic et sophistiqué à n'importe quelle tenue!

3Guess Sandales: I mean just look at them! this is a higly sexy pair of shoes! they would totally look fabulous on a soirée! I love each and every detail about them!

// Sandales Guess: ça c'est ce que j'appelle des chaussures extrêmement sexy! c'est parfait pour une soirée, j'adore tous les détails!

Parisac Hand Bag: mainly because I love the color, that blue is just magnificent.

//Parisac Sac à main: principalement parce que j'adore la couleur! ce bleu est juste magnifique! 

MELANY BROWN Bracelet: It's fun and pretty for the beach or your lunch/diner/coffee date with the girls.

//MELANY BROWN Bracelet: un accessoire fun et beau pour une journée à la plage ou une virée avec les copines

Madison earings: A precious sparkling blue for a classy night out!

//Madison Boucles D'oreilles: Des boucles d'un très jolie bleu pour une soirée très très classe!

Anything you like from my selection? Also visit Jumia's shoe category for more shoes or Jumia's main page for all kind of other cool stuff.
// et vous, quelle est votre article préféré de ma sélection? N'hésitez pas à visiter la catégorie chaussures femmes de Jumia pour plus de chaussures ou la page d´accueil Jumia pour plein d'autres produits sympas.

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Colors of the Rainbow

A while ago, the lovely ladies from Skinny Jeans tagged me to do a colors of the rainbow post. The post consists of posting pictures of items you cherich following a sweet pattern: the colors of the rainbow.

// Il ya quelque temps déjà, les jolies demoiselles de Skinny Jeans m'ont tagué pour  rédiger un poste qui listera mes produits favoris suivant une paterne très très chouette: les couleurs de l'arc en ciel.

I've been using so rouge for a couple of years now and it's for now my favorite shade of red, i just think that it looks fabulous and it's quite cheap as well!

// ça fait un peu prêt deux ans que j'utilise so rouge maintenant et je suis très très satisfaite, pour le moment c'est l'une de mes teintes de rouge préférées et en plus c'est pas cher du tout comme produit!

Orange: Primark Skirt (similar)

Because i love shiny colors in the summer and skirts.

// parce que j'adore les couleurs vivantes en été, et les jupes.

Because Paris is always a good idea.

// Parce que Paris est toujours une bonne idée.

Green: Nail Polish

Pastels are perfect for the summer and nothing pops up an outfit like a delicate and vibrant nail color.

// Les couleurs pastels sont parfaits pour l'été et rien n'embellit une tenue comme une couleur de vernis délicate et dynamique.

You should know by now that I am obssessed by flowers and cannot help myself  whenever I see them in any form! 

// Vous devez l'avoir constaté que je suis totalement obsédée par les fleurs et que je ne peux m'empêcher de les admirer sous toutes les formes!

Indigo: NYC Nail Polish

Because there is New York in new York Color and New York is like the coolest city on earth.

//Parce que y'a New York dans New York Color et New York c'est la ville la plus cool de toutes.

Purple: New Look Vest

It's more of a pinkish purple but it's definitely one of my favorite jackets!

// C'est un violet qui tend un peu vers le rose mais c'est certainement l'une de mes vestes préférées!

What about you? 

I'm not sure they'll want to do it but I'll tag two of my favorite bloggers: Rebecca & Kim.

// Je ne suis pas sure qu'elles voudront le faire mais je vais taguer deux de mes blogueuses favorites: Rebecca & Kim.

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