Your girl is lovely hubbell

Remember that time when you were browsing your facebook feed, dipping Doritos in that filthy but oh so tasty sauce feeling good about yourself and where your life is heading (kind of). When suddenly bam what do you see, a picture of your ex getting engaged! So you dip your Doritos in the sauce aggressively and wonder how in the world anyone ever wanted to marry that douchebag and how in the world did he ever find someone before you did. And suddenly, there goes your hopes and dreams that he'd be miserable forever out the window! I mean let's face it, you're fabulous and he's just well he's just really not! Plus you deserve to be happy first and he can't get married while you're sad and lonely and Doritos are your only friends. 

so now unless you invite yourself to his wedding, wait for the right moment and shout i object, knock him down l3mariya screaming you said you'll love me forever or try to win him back by seducing him with your bitterness we're gonna have to deal with this situation.

and what I mean by dealing with this situation is not eating as much sweets as possible, listening to adele all day long then killing yourself. You have to remember, you're fabulous and the world is a much sadder place without you!

Truth is, being in your twenties, it's just a matter of time before your exes start settling down and sometimes it makes you feel bad, especially if you're still single or in an unhappy relationship, that you're still, you know, just trying to figure out what to do with your life while everybody else has it all together! 

Well i don't think that there is a right or wrong time, things come your way when you're ready for them and everybody's timing is different. Therefore, let's try our best here to be happy for mister douchebag, there is a reason why he is in your past... and just because he's mister right for that well "other woman" (who doesn’t even compare to your beauty nor brains) doesn’t make him any less of a bad match for you.

Being single doesn’t make you any less sexy or charming, it just means that you're taking your time to figure out what you want in life and who you want to build it with!

I mean look at adele, she did find prince charming after all , she didn't find someone like him, she found way better, so why won't you?, after all, you're kind of a big deal  ;)

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New year's eve outfits

Hello good looking! are you wondering what in the world are you going to wear to new year's party? well wonder no more!
While doing some serious shopping I tought that it would be nice to share with you ladies (sorry guys maybe next time) some of my favorite findings!

My first choice is what I like to call "the classy and fabulous", I just love the black and red combination, in my point of view it is the sexiest ever and I'll use and abuse it whenever I get a chance!

Classy and fabulous

Dress: ASOS - Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Clutch: Karn Millen - Earrings: JCPenney - Lipstick: Sephora

If you're attending an office party or you're feeling a little fancy you can go for a rather formal but still equally fabulous look. And of course, you cannot skip the perfume! I have a new found love for Thierry Mugler's Alien I can't get enough of it lately!

classy new year's eve

Dress 1: Modcloth - Dress 2: Dorothy Perkins - Shoes 1: BCBGMAXAZRIA - Shoes 2: River Island - Bag: Macy's - Earrings: Monsoon - Necklace: White House Black Market - Perfume - Thierry Mugler Alien

For a more casual look (also there is no party without glitters) I fell in love with this little goldish dress:

Party Girl
Dress: Asos - High heels: Pret a beaute - Flats: French Sole - Bag: Monsoon - Earrings : Jhon Lewis - Eye Shadows: Naked 2

And last but not least, a sexy yet very affordable look to dance the night away (aren't Shourouk's earrings to die for!):

sexy party outfit

Dress: Asos - Shoes: Nelly - Earrings: Shourouk - Ring: HM - Red lipstick: MAC - Orange lipstick: Topshop - Perfume: Coco Mademoiselle

So have you made up your mind on your new year's outfit? which look would you rather go for?

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Tiny humans

My 5 years old niece taught me that it's ok to jump a little higher and dream a little bigger. that it's ok  to think that you're the most beautiful woman on earth with your hair going crazy and strawberry jam on your shirt, that you were born a princess and always will be, that it's ok to watch TV all day and eat nothing but candy. She's so pretty and so alive and I love her much much more than my heart can hold.

I love kids! I mean that's no surprise everybody knows that. I love their tiny hands and tiny feet and tiny eyes! but mostly I love how they're always amazed by everything, how they think that the world is the most amazing place ever, how they believe that anything is possible. Their eyes light up in the most beautiful way whenever they see a butterfly, a dog or even a chocolate bar and I like to think that I have kept some of that... that even if i'm getting a little older every day, the child in me is always there wanting to play, discover, wanting to be amazed!

I took  the picture above at my niece's birthday. she is the most beautiful little girl ever (what do you mean i'm biased!) and even though she really didn't have the time to pose for me I managed to get some pretty great shots (I know, i'm amazing!) but this one is definitely my favorite...

anyhow it was a really fun day, the kids had a great time playing

And I had a great time, you know, eating stuff! (don't judge me! the food was irresistible! also, there was cake!)

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