Tiny humans

My 5 years old niece taught me that it's ok to jump a little higher and dream a little bigger. that it's ok  to think that you're the most beautiful woman on earth with your hair going crazy and strawberry jam on your shirt, that you were born a princess and always will be, that it's ok to watch TV all day and eat nothing but candy. She's so pretty and so alive and I love her much much more than my heart can hold.

I love kids! I mean that's no surprise everybody knows that. I love their tiny hands and tiny feet and tiny eyes! but mostly I love how they're always amazed by everything, how they think that the world is the most amazing place ever, how they believe that anything is possible. Their eyes light up in the most beautiful way whenever they see a butterfly, a dog or even a chocolate bar and I like to think that I have kept some of that... that even if i'm getting a little older every day, the child in me is always there wanting to play, discover, wanting to be amazed!

I took  the picture above at my niece's birthday. she is the most beautiful little girl ever (what do you mean i'm biased!) and even though she really didn't have the time to pose for me I managed to get some pretty great shots (I know, i'm amazing!) but this one is definitely my favorite...

anyhow it was a really fun day, the kids had a great time playing

And I had a great time, you know, eating stuff! (don't judge me! the food was irresistible! also, there was cake!)

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  1. Gorgeous lady how are you! I've been missing from the blog world myself for the past month whilst I move jobs etc. Beautiful pictures here they're full of colour! xxx

    1. oh not you too! hope things get better :)
      jobs suck!

  2. Your niece is so adorable. I love kids too :)

    xx Mira

  3. She's beautiful! Kids have such a free spirit. It's important to keep some of that within us as we get older.

  4. That first picture is absolutely beautiful !!! I love the colours and how you've captured a natural moment in time. Kids are the best, I absolutely agree. I love that they are so truthful in everything they do :)