What inspires you?

These days, i find myself lacking inspiration and not really in the mood to do anything so i decided to revamp my spirits, recharge my batteries and take a good breath of fresh air, read, write and listen... for what inspires me the most is music, litterature, poetry and images. and you, what is it that inspires you?

//  je manques terriblement d'inspiration ces derniers jours du coup j'ai décidé de prendre une petite pose pour pour recharger mes batteries, respirer de l'air frais, lire, écrire, écouter... parce que ce qui m'inspire le plus, c'est la musique, les livres, la poésie et les images. et vous, qu'est-ce qui vous inspire?

A selection of pictures i took, or quotes i put into images mostly in liverpool.
//Une sélection de photos que j'ai prises, ou des citations que j'ai mise en images à liverpool.

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  1. i get the same way. i usually come across something that lights a spark though and gets me going again. hahaha

  2. I lose inspiration all the time just because I live on a tiny island ha ha. I usually will have to put in one of my favorite movies like "Breakfast at Tiffany's", or "The Devil wears Prada". Right now my inspiration is a book i'm reading that is a biography of Grace Kelly. :) Great Post!!!

    -The Fashionista Tourist

  3. Movies ;) I have been watching these 70s and 80s films for fashion inspiration. I love the way the women dress and I wish I could do the same !

  4. I love the last quote!!-New post on my blog urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.com !!

  5. Nice pics!!! Lovely design!!!!
    Angela Donava

  6. Beautiful pictures. It's so important to remain postive, inspired and motivated. I love Maya Angelou too for some beautiful quotes xx