Yoko Sushi

Hello there! Today I’m inviting you guys to diner at yoko sushi!
A friend introduced it to our group of friends not so long ago and it's been one of our favorite spots ever since.
The place is really pretty and it serves good food at a very convenient price in comparison to other sushi places!

The food is great and man did we have a little feast! Now I’m not much of a soup fan but Rabii started with misou soup and seemed to really enjoy it! he even made the cheese pose for me!


Ikram and I had fry pizza sushi and some makis. We’re not only best friends but we also have the same taste in food! ( well almost!)


The boys went with a sushi selection and Panne poulet Karagui (whatever that means!), however someone was too hungry to wait for me to take a snapsot of the plate, I’m not telling who but his name starts with R.

Some of us went with a mousse chocolat for desert. Others were just to full!

After this lovely meal, we flipped a coin trying to figure out what to do next then settled for a hot tea, said goodnight and went back home.

The restaurant is at Harhoura, you can give them a call if you fancy going there for a bite. Here is their phone number: 05 37 62 65 63.
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  1. You're kidding!!! It's not far from me and I was there before yesterday :) Bssa7a sweetheart and I hope that we can enjoy it together next time!
    Thank you for the lovely comment bytheway!

    1. what! seriously! we should totally meet up there one day! :D

  2. I love sushi, this looks so amazing!!!!

  3. WOW! I can see why you go back! Everything looks so delicious. I love the decor of the restaurant.

    1. Everything looks so delicious! I am beginning to get hungry!

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  4. This food looks amazing!! Sushi is one of my favourite cuisine's, everything here looks incredible!! xxx

  5. sushi is one of my favourite foods and I don't eat it enough because, it's expensive in London, and my boyfriend doesn't eat it. All this food looks wonderful!

  6. Coucou j adore la nourriture asiate merci pour le partage de cette adresse bisous