Because i'm happy

I was walking with a friend, late at night; we were both emotionally shattered, finding comfort in each other's company and the night sky. I turned my head to the sky, and there it was, a shooting star, I had never seen a shooting star before, and I turned to him and said did you see that? He was equally excited and told me to make a wish, quick, quick, make a wish now! So I did, I closed my eyes and wished for what I needed the most at the time, I wished to be happy...

A long time ago I got a book because the tile spoke to me. "Why is it so hard to be happy?"
When I started reading it, I expected a magical recipe, a quick fix to happiness, some practical steps, instead I found the author going on about his life and little moments of happiness he experienced, which isn't bad really, I enjoyed reading them, except it wasn't what I was looking for. I didn't finish the book and that's ok because I found out that there is no magical recipe to happiness except maybe, you know, to go with the flow.

A couple of months ago, I wanted to control everything in my life and needed things to go a certain way and got  very frustrated when they didn't. But then I decided to let go, I stopped stressing out, I stopped trying to force things to go my way and started appreciating what I got instead. And eventually, things got better and I’m way happier than I was, the secret to happiness in my opinion is simply not to condition your well being with anything, not a job, not a boy, nothing... and just appreciate what you have, work hard and be content.

This being said, I’m entering this beautiful challenge that helps you appreciate what you have in life. It’s called 100 happy days. Anyone can join; you just have to post a picture of something that makes you happy every day for a 100 days. I'll be doing it in instagram using the hashtag #100happydays, you can follow me at ichraqbs to see what makes me happy, I’m starting tomorrow and you're very welcome to join me!

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  1. thanks for sharing the challenge, I will take it too from today, see you!!

  2. merci pour ton comm miss gros bisous

  3. Hi Ichraq
    I think you are spot on with the secret of happiness. That is what The Mother and Sri Aurobindo said too, and they added that if we aspire to do everything for the Divine, and love the Divine, we will be happy. In India I learnt that there are endless different gurus, yogis, saints, messangers of God, enlightened people who teach various meditation techniques that are meant to improve your life and help you love those around you. Keep following your way and learning, you are great :)
    love, Liam x

  4. Great post !!