Once upon a time

I don't know if this is a good idea, or if it'll get any responses at all but i love to hear people's stories, i think that they are inspiring so i thought i'll give you guys a space here to say whatever you want to say.
it's not like a let's find a solution to your problem kind of post (although it could be, it is what you make it!) but a post where you can share whatever goes into your mind, how was your day, what you like to do on a sunday morning, it could be what you're thinking about, an issue you want to discuss, a quote you like, a youtube video you want to share, something you want to tell me (anonymously maybe? ), something you want me to talk about, this is an open space, like i said i'm not sure if it's a good idea but let's see how it goes!

// Je ne sais pas si c'est une bonne idée, ou si j'aurai une réponse positive de votre part mais j'aime entendre ce que les gens ont à raconter, nous avons tous des expériences particulières, des histoires différentes et je trouve que tous ces récits sont une source d'inspiration incroyable... j'ai eu l'idée de réserver ce post à ce que vous avez à dire pour une fois. vous êtes complètement libres. ce n'est pas un panel de problèmes/solutions (mais ça pourrait l’être si c'est ce que vous voulez) mais un endroit où vous pouvez tout partager, comment s'est passé votre journée, ce que vous écoutez en ce moment, quelque chose qui vous tiens à coeur, un message que vous voulez peut être me transmettre (de façon anonyme?), un sujet que vous voudriez que je commente, une vidéo que vous trouvez drôle, comme je vous l'ai dit, c'est un espace ouvert,
la parole est à vous!

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  1. Hi Ichraq,

    I find this is a very sweet idea. I really love topics around sustainability, how we can protect the environment, organic food, vegetarianism, animals, and how we can contribute to a clean environment and maintain a healthy life. Earlier today, when I walked the dog and saw plastic and all kind of other litter laying around on the beach I couldn't but pick it up. There were bins everywhere but some people seem to drop their stuff just where they are. I wasn't angry with them, just pitied them that they have no thoughts for our earth and nature, picked it up and continued my walk.

    My perfect Sunday morning (loved your suggestion) would be, waking up next to my bookish man ;-), realizing the sun lit room, and putting on some classical tunes and have a long long breakfast in our PJs.



    1. I totally understand your point of view! it's the same in Morocco, most people don't bother and throw whatever garbage they have in the street and i find that scandalous! and it's very nice of you to pick it up! you seem like a really sweet person! :)
      and you'll find your bookish man soon hopefully (if you haven't already!)to recreate that scene when spring comes along!
      have a wonderful day!

  2. I love posts about other topics than fashion - this sounds like a really great idea! :)

  3. great idea

  4. This is an interesting post! I've never seen one where I was asked to talk! Very cool idea!

    Uhmm, currently it is the early morning and I already have the urge to dance. I love dancing and when I've had a couple of days without it I get very antsy. But that will be remedied tonight! I have a dance this evening!

    Hope you have a great day!